About Wikituition

Wikituition– the International Open Academy (IOA), is a platform to provide free education to all. The motto of Wikituition is,
Education for All!
Education without borders!

Wikituition is a Do It Yourself (DIY) tutorial Website offering free courses and tutorials. Learn new things, try new things, build anything, modify your lifestyle, and renew almost anything around you, with easy to do step by step instructions. The site is designed to improve your do-it-yourself skills and make your life a lot easier. The Do it yourself (DIY) guide helps you to create, modify or repair things without the direct support of experts or professionals. Wikituition is a place to discover new passions, level up your skills, and meet the experts to inspire you.

“Coming together is the beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success.”
― Henry Ford

How to Contribute

There are two types of tutorials are available on this site. One type is page by page tutorials-it is a step by step tutorial and the second type is a complete course in a specific topic. The single page by page tutorials are easy to do it type tasks that are arranged in a step by step manner with sufficient tips and guides. The students can enroll to a complete course from Campus, just like an online course.

The information related to a tutorial is : Updated date, Tutorial Topic, Time Needed to complete, Difficulty and Skill Level.

Difficulty Levels

Easy: Simple to do
Medium: Takes time and need more skills.
Hard: Difficult to do.

Skill Levels

Beginner: A novice understanding of the skill. You have exposure to the skill and understand its basic concepts but lack experience. Beginners might be able to do 0%-33% of them without assistance.

Intermediate: Between a beginner and an expert. You have experience with and can carry out the skill but don’t understand its advanced concepts. Intermediates might be able to do 34%-67% of them without assistance.

Expert: A highly developed skill level. You have solid experience and training with the skill and understand advanced concepts. You demonstrate proficiency and superior skill level. Advanced might be able to do 68%-99% of them without assistance.

Time Needed To Complete The Task

The time taken to complete each tutorials/courses depends on the complexity of the tasks and your skill level. It can vary from a few seconds to a few months!

Wikituition Campus – The Joy of Learning!

Wikituition Campus
Wikituition Campus offers free education to the masses, it is an amazing online learning mangement system that offers free online courses for anyone, that will advance your career and life. The idea of Wikituition is very simple, it is better to teach people how to do something themselves than to just do it for them. The long-term benefits are more useful than short-term benefits. Through the free online courses people will learn how to help themselves.

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.”

                        Enjoy learning and never stop learning!