How LCD Monitor and Hard Drive Works

We may fascinated by seeing the astonishing and eye capturing stunning displays from LCD screens. It suddenly replaced the old bulky CRT monitors. This monitor uses liquid crystals to display images. It win the hurt with it’s sleek design and fine performance. The low power conception and ease of use made it an ideal viewing machine. Wondering how the LCD panels work ?


Here is a video showing the basic working of the LCD panels. The guy in this video, Bill tears down an LCD monitor to show how it works. He describes how liquid crystals are used, the structure of the glass panes, and the thin film transistor (TFTs) that allow for active matrix addressing.

It is a three part series. You can also read the transcript available in the site, if you couldn’t follow his voice or want to learn more. You can read the LCD monitor tear down video and transcript  from

Wondering what this guy is doing with costlier devices? The surprise won’t end here. Here is another video showing how the hard drive works. For this, Bill takes apart a computer hard drive to show how it’s engineered to store data. You can view the video and transcript from here.

The interesting thing is that you can download the video in MP4 and iPod friendly format. For that visit Engineerguy website. If you loved the videos you can follow him on YouTube engineerguyvideo’s channel . He explained how the lead acid battery works, how a microwave oven works, how a laser works and so on.

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