Google scholar search tips

Google is the most popular search engine among researchers and students. Here are some tips and tricks to make your google search even better. You can increase the accuracy and effectiveness of your searches on Google Scholar by adding “operators” that fine-tune your search terms.

Author search
If you know who wrote the paper you’re looking for, you can simply add their last name to your search terms.If you are looking for papers on the subject of regression written by people named Richard. If you want to search on an author’s full name, or last name and initials, enter the name in quotes: [“Richard”]. To find papers by Richard, you could try [author:”Richard“]

Other Operators
Google Scholar also supports most of the advanced operators in Google web search: 

  • the “+” operator makes sure your results include common words, letters or numbers that Google’s search technology generally ignores, as in [+Richard]; 
  • the “” operator excludes all results that include this search term, as in [nanotube -author:ajayan]; 
  • phrase search only returns results that include this exact phrase, as in [“as you like it”]; 
    the “OR” operator returns results that include either of your search terms, as in [stock call OR put]; 
  • The “intitle:” operator as in [intitle:mars] only returns results that include your search term in the document’s title.

Google Image search
Now you can search for images by colors using the strings: “imgcolor=green” or “imgcolor=blue,red”. Need to know more about Advanced google scholar tips click here.

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