Funding Agencies for Nanotechnology.


funding   If you are a researcher or scientist doing research on nanotechnology  field, you probably think of the funding opportunities available on the field to pursue good research work or to market your innovative products. Here is a list of funding agencies which provide fundings or to provide information related to the funding agencies.

  • US National Nanotechnology Initiative    

The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) in the U.S. is a federal research and development program established to coordinate the multiagency efforts in nanoscale science,nni engineering, and technology.The NNCO maintains and coordinates development of infomraiton on the NNI and its activities for Congress when requested. The NNCO was established in 2001 by a memorandum of understanding among the eight agencies participating in the NNI at that time, and is funded by NSET Subcommittee agency contributions.

  • Flagship Ventures

Investment focus: life science, information technology, and communications sectors.Flagship Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on creating, financing and building innovative companies. Founded in 2000, Flagship manages over ?26,654.89 ($600) million in early-stage funds and operates from its offices at Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA. With an active portfolio of over 40 companies, the firm’s strategy is to balance its investments across three principal business sectors: Therapeutics, Life Science Tools & Diagnostics, and BioEnergy/Cleantech, etc.


  • NanoDimension

Venture capital firm providing investments for nanotechnology research and development.  Nanodimension is a U.S. and Europe- based venture capital firm commited to building and supporting companies developing breakthrough technologies at nano scale.logo


  • NanoHoldings funds and commercializes nano-energy discoveries.


NanoHoldings commercializes nano-energy discoveries globally with universities and leading scientists as equity partners.

  • Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises

Provides capital assistance, business advisory and other support services to companies and research institutes involved in advancing the state of molecular nanotechnology.

  • Ardesta

Invests in early stage companies in MEMS, microsystems, and small-technology.

  • Quantum Insight

Source of investment research and business strategy services, focusing on nanotechnology materials.


  • nABACUS Ltd.

Provides consulting services for nanotechnology market, scope and trend analysis, stratgeic investment and venture capital planning.

  • SANi 

A South African nanotechnology enhancement initiative program. Features events, FAQ, links and membership details.   sani


  • Nano Science and Technology Initiative (NSTI)

Indian government has been at the forefront of promoting nanotechnology industry in India through its three major funding agencies, namely Department of Science and Technology (DST, ), Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR, ), and Department of Biotechnology (DBT ). DST launched the Nano Science and Technology Initiative (NSTI) in 2001 under the leadership of Prof. C. N. R. Rao. Its aim is to make India a major player in this sector, and provided a total of $15 million for nanotechnology over 5 years. The NSTI funded about 100 research projects, and provided funding for setting up 10 core groups in nano science, 6 centres of nanotechnology, and one of computational materials science at different institutions across India. DST remains by far the largest funding agency. Government spending in nanotechnology through all its funding agencies amounted to less than $20 million in 2003/04 out of total R&D expenditure of about $3.03 billion (0.8% of GNP of India). According to government figures, the government has spent approximately $50 million over the past five years to promote R&D in the area of nanotechnology.














These are the some of the funding agencies available, but there are a number of new funding agencies started every year. If you came to know about any good funding agencies, don’t forget to share it with our readers.

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