Create PDFs and ebooks from Wikipedia

Do you want to create a PDF ebook from Wikipedia or want to download your favorite Wikipedia page as a PDF file? Now Wikipedia provides a solution for it. Any article can be downloaded or printed as a PDF, and multiple articles can be combined into a PDF book. In the left-hand sidebar, under the print/export menu, you’ll find a Download as PDF link that uses Wikipedia’s servers to generate a highly printable PDF of any Wikipedia article, no third-party tools needed.

Here is the screenshot of how I did it, follow the guidelines to build a PDF within minutes (depend on your internet speed). Click Download as PDF from the Print/Export menu located on the left sidebar. After adding the pages you can download it as a PDF file. Then the new page shows the PDF ready to download. Refer the figure shown below,

The finished book can be downloaded. You can download the book, in PDF format, by clicking the Download button. Share your experience. If you know/find any hacks or tips don’t forget to share it with our readers.

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